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2-cycle Vs 4-cycle Engine of Lawn Mowers: Which One Is Worth For Money?

Undoubtedly, several types of mowers are available in the market, and some of them are truly worth buying. Here, the important thing is that most buyers think that the difference among these mower types is just the price point and versatility. This statement is true to some extent, but trimmers of the mowers differ in the way the engine operates.

According to the latest research, the small engines of the mowers are made as 2-cycle and 4-cycle. For better understanding, you must know the specific details that make a difference between 2-cycle and 4-cycle mowers. This article will tell you everything essential to know about mowers’ 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines.

What are 2-cycle and 4-cycle engine lawnmowers?

Well, it is essential to study 2-cycle and 4-cycle lawnmowers separately to make a clear vision. In this sense, you must have an idea about each mower’s working, upsides, and downsides. So, let’s have a deep look at each engine to get a better understanding now.

2-cyle Engine of Lawn Mower:

2-cyle Engine of Lawn Mower

Primarily, the 2-cycle engine of lawnmowers is perfectly capable of propelling your mower and many other machines. Furthermore, it requires only two strokes to complete all the processes of intake and combustion. First of all, the major fact about 2-cycle lawn mowers is that such engines don’t have valves or any lubrication system. Moreover, the functionality of the 2-cycle engine is easier to understand, and they are lightweight.

Here, the main reason for easy functionality is that the engine has only a few working parts. According to this statement, it is not wrong to say that a 2-cycle engine needs a little maintenance and is easy to clean. Here, the interesting feature about 2-cycle engines is that they are more powerful because the power per weight is greater and more efficient.

2-cycle engine Diagram

Working of a 2-cycle engine:

First of all, while operating the lawnmower, it is essential to fuel and air compress in the main chamber. After this, the plug fires of the mower will cause an explosion and drive the piston in the downward direction. However, when the mower’s piston comes near the end of the exhaust, it becomes uncovered. Pressingly, the overall pressure drives all gases to exhaust out of the cylinder through the port. As the engine’s piston hits the bottom of the tank, it pulls more fuel and air out of the port to start the process again.

Features of a 2-cycle lawnmower:

  • They have twice the number of power strokes.
  • The system makes one rotation for each explosion.
  • A spark plug ignites and operates the power stroke.


  • It is lightweight and cheaper.
  • The whole construction is pretty simple.
  • Due to simple construction, the system requires less maintenance.
  • They are more powerful and efficient.


  • Due to the smoky engine, the system produces more pollution.
  • They are not fuel efficient engines.
  • In most cases, the air leaks out through the port.

4-cycle Engine of Lawn Mower:

4-cycle Engine of Lawn Mower

As the mower’s name suggests, a 4-cycle lawn mower uses four pistons to complete one revolution of the mower. Mainly, 4-cycle engines are widespread in lawnmowers, and they are heavy as compared to 2-cycle ones. In addition, if you are looking for a lawnmower for cutting weed eaters and chainsaws, this lawnmower is not suitable for your use.

Due to the complexity of the engine, they are more expensive, and you have to fix the problems. After every rotation, the spark plug fire and two separate valves are present in the engine. Moreover, the engine has a lubrication system where the oil is released, keeping everything lubricated.

4-cycle engine diagram

Working of 4-cycle engine:

To start, the engine of the system moves up and compresses air out of the system. In this manner, a compression process occurs. After this, the engine produces the necessary momentum and drives the piston to keep the power stroke. Additionally, the piston of the engine goes backward and draws the fresh air to prepare the fuel. After the preparation of the fuel, the engine starts to operate and performs well.

Features of 4-cycle engine lawnmower:

  • Four distinct piston strokes.
  • Completes one operating cycle.
  • Good balance of power.
  • Reduction in unburned fuel emissions.


  • The engine produces more torque.
  • It is more reliable and quiet.
  • The engine is more durable and long-lasting.
  • Much more fuel-efficient.
  • It produces less pollution.


  • Because it has more parts, so the construction is difficult to understand.
  • It is expensive.
  • Due to the complex design, the engine is heavier.
  • Not much power.
2-cycle vs 4-cycle lawnmowers

What is the difference between 2-cycle and 4-cycle lawnmowers?

According to our deep analysis, the major difference between 2-cycle and 4-cycle lawn mowers is the process of fueling. For instance, if your engine has only one intake port, you can confidently say that the mower has a 2-cycle engine. On the contrary, if the mower has 2 separate ports for mixing oil and gas, then it means that a 4-cycle engine is present in your mower. In this manner, if you want to verify which cycle engine is present in your lawnmower, you must observe the fuel tank of the system.

Besides this, the 2-cycle engine also has fewer moving parts as compared to the 4-cycle engine. Additionally, it is very lightweight, smaller, cheaper, and easier to maintain. On the other side, the 4-cycle engine of the lawnmower is competent to produce more torque. Although they are easier to start and more powerful, they are expensive compared to a 2-cycle mower.

Pressingly, another important difference between 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines is the speed of the combustion cycle and the total number of times the moment of the piston in the up and down direction. When the point comes to a 2-cycle engine, let’s add that the system completes the combustion cycle in just one piston stroke. Moreover, the spark plugs fire after completing one revolution. On the contrary, the machine’s piston is capable of completing one comprehensive stroke. However, the park may plug the fire after completing 4 revolutions or fires once.


Well, both engines have different fueling technologies, so it all depends on your preferences, which engine you find more suitable. However, if you want a mower with advanced technologies, 4-cycle engines are ideal for your use. Besides this, you must use high-quality fuel no matter what type of engine you are using. On the contrary, both 2-cycle and 4-cycle engines have unique functions, but the major difference is the fueling process. Moreover, the 2-cycle engine lacks, and the 4-stroke engine has good command over other areas.

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