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Grass Trimmer vs Lawnmower: Which is better and for whom?

Each tool has its specific way of carrying tasks and completes them with incredible productivity when it comes to garden equipment. There’s always a battle between a lawnmower and grass trimmer, concluding which one is the best. Generally, a lawnmower is helpful for cutting and heavy lifting maximum grass. But wait! What about the trimmer? It’s essential to trim the grass neatly while providing a decent and clean to your garden. Both tools have their functions but, when combined, can handle a maximum of your yard work. Here, we have made it more accessible. We have concluded the differences between gas trimmers and lawnmowers with their uses. Moreover, we narrowed your choices to help you choose the best one. Let’s get right into details!

WORX WG162 20V Cordless Grass Trimmer 

WORX WG162 20V Grass Trimmer 

WORX has made its name in the gardening world due to its unrivaled aesthetics and performance. The WG162 cordless trimmer is the top-line WORX product that’s the perfect depiction of its legacy. YES! Did you hear that right? What makes it exceptional? Let’s start right from the reason why this trimmer is our top choice!

WORX has made an innovative approach to saving time and money for a better gardening experience. From cordless trimmer to ultra-high performing edger, you have got both together to complete the tasks smoothly. Thanks to the effortless conversion, just pull the shaft away and twist to change the trimmer into an edger for brilliant functioning.

Let’s talk about the most anticipated thing- the adjustable handle! The trimmer provides a comfortable working position for hands to gain essential leverage and trim the hard-to-reach places effectively. With the telescopic shaft, it’s effortless to store it and works best for tall users.

The trimmer is ideal for straight edges, and clean cuts as the auto line feed are just a button away. What’s more? The 90 degrees pivoting head will let you get under the bushes to trim, especially on sloped land. Lastly, it features a decent battery life, and WORX power share works best with 20V and 40V tools for efficiency and performance.


  • Incredibly compact and lightweight
  • Adjustable and comfortable handle
  • Durable and versatile
  • Effortless to use
  • Quick and easy installation


  • Not much practical battery life

Craftsman M105 Lawn Mower

Craftsman M105 Lawn Mower

If you are willing to invest a little more and looking for the right lawnmower, the Craftsman M105 is all you need. The best option is good to go with newbie gardeners and has all the required specs you need to make the process easier and user-friendly. Let’s explore the reason behind why it’s our top choice!

 The craftsman lawn mower features a practically engineered engine with a 140CC OHV GAS POWERED mechanism integrated with a recoil and auto choke. But guess what? You just need to pull it for, and BOOM, it starts.

Let’s talk about some other perks! With 3-in-1 brilliant capabilities, the unit features mulching, side discharge, and rear discharge options for high-end gardening, no doubt. The zag threaded 7-inch front and 8-inch back robust wheels offer smooth mobility on different terrains. Sounds impressive, right?

With the dual-level flexible option, you can now select the desired cutting height setting that suits you perfectly. Moreover, the 21-inch effective cutting deck aids to trim grass in one pass quickly.


  • Controllable and reliable design
  • Overall performance and durability
  • Decent built-in quality
  • 3-in-1 effective capabilities


  • A bit expensive

Grass Trimmer

What is Grass Trimmer?

Do you want to give the lawn a manicured and tidy look? Here the grass trimmers will never disappoint you. With an effective thread-like string for perfect rotation at multiple speeds, it allows it to cut neatly. You can choose between electric and gas-powered models depending on your needs. Therefore, a grass trimmer will help you neatly cut around the edges with ease.

Grass Trimmer Uses:

Gas trimmers are versatile tools designed to create beautiful and uniform edges and ultimately trim the hard–to–to–reach spaces within the space.  Furthermore, it clears the larger patches and provides an even look. For instance, to tackle trimming the sloping areas or fewer distance spaces within a garden, a grass trimmer is a necessity as a lawnmower will not provide you with the required results.

Lawn Mower

What is a Lawn Mower?

It’s time to keep the lawn healthy and neat with the right lawnmowers. From multiple options such as gas-powered, electric to manual, you can choose the best one to meet every user’s needs. The bladed within these mowers work incredibly at speeds to cut grass correctly. You can save money and complete the task precisely.

Lawn Mower Uses:

Typically, people use lawnmowers worldwide for mowing grass patches, chopping and trimming fields, gardens, and lawns, ensuring that the entire grass is well-grown and groomed at accurate heights. Moreover, it makes the whole place look neat and clean. Lawnmowers use bladed to revolve and cut grass ideally at an even height.

Difference B/w Lawn Mower and Grass Trimmer

Difference B/w Lawn Mower and Grass Trimmer

The main difference between a grass trimmer and a lawn mower is about the capabilities, as both have different abilities. Generally, a lawnmower helps cut down the lawn efficiently and quickly, whereas the grass trimmer provides you access to trim the hard-to-reach spaces left by lawn movers. Therefore, grass trimmers ensure to give a neat look to the whole place. Despite cleaning large areas, lawnmowers are more potent than grass trimmers. The trimmers can reach areas close to something or those with steep angles and between different objects.


Overall, a trimmer and lawn mower are two separate equipment pieces designed to complete yard jobs efficiently. With a grass trimmer, you can trim the hard-to-reach spaces. But wait! They work only for small areas. Compared to a trimmer, a lawnmower is uniquely designed to cut large grass areas quickly as they are more powerful and effective. However, they might be costly or bulky for some people. Basically, it’s all up to you which one you desire to choose and get the exclusive benefits. Here we have mentioned all the details for both trimmers and mowers with the top choices.

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