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How to put a ball hitch on a riding lawn mower?

If you have a lawnmower, then the good news is that you can use it for various purposes. In this manner, everyone can use their powers to cut the grass and mow all types of fields and lawns without facing any problem. As the mower works very smoothly, so you can also transform it for another use. Thereby, it becomes pretty easy to transform the lawnmower into a racing one. However, the main thing that you keep in your mind is that the ball doesn’t come with the mower. So, you have to buy it separately if you want to make your mover a riding lawnmower.

How to put a ball hitch on a riding lawn mower

Mainly, people are not much aware of transforming their mowers. That’s why it is a million-dollar question how to put a ball hitch on a riding lawn mower? First of all, if you are willing to install the ball hitch, you need some essential tools and a little effort. So, try to get the complete package of ball hitch because all the vital things are present in it. Well, there are two methods which help you to understand the best of everything.

With the help of a lawn pro hitch: Method # 1

Most probably, it is the easiest method to follow because there is no news of maximum drilling. However, it is very true to say that this method keeps the trailers level and in a complete balance.

With the help of a lawn pro hitch:  Method # 1
  1. To start, you need to pre-assemble the mower and attach one set of arms with the hi-hitch body. After this, bolt them and add washers in the first step. However, it would help if you tighten them well. Otherwise, you will face errors.
  2. Secondly, it is essential to connect the body of the hitch with the Lawn tractor . That’s why you must attach the body of the hi-hitch with the mounting hole of the tractor’s trailer. However, it is very beneficial to use the bolt with 5/8 × 2 ½ inches because this size is perfectly suitable for all mowers.
  3. After completing step 2, you have to jump on the 3rd step. Here, the process of drilling the mower starts. It is easy to line up the brace arms and mark where you want to grill for drilling. By doing this, you will surely get accurate and balanced results on the first try. The only thing you need to keep in mind is to make sure that you are getting the hole sizing correct.
  4. Here, the next step is to install the hi-hitch of the lawnmower. To start, you have to locate the drilling openings and align with the drilling points in the brace arms of the mower. After this, you add the fact washers with fitting. However, you may think it is a time-taking process, but it is effortless. 
  5. Lastly, place the ball on the top body of the hi-hitch, and the lower part ball attaches with the nut. Moreover, adjust the ball very well and rotate it in the clockwise direction. Most importantly, it would help if you tightened the lock nut firmly.

Put a ball hitch with the homemade tube pipe: Method # 2

Well, the second method is also rapid and simple. Moreover, it is also the least expensive because you don’t need to spend any penny. In summary, you can also use a tube pipe rather than buying a complete hitch set. Above all, the method is easy enough that you can perform it at your home. So, yes, have a deep look at all the steps.

  1. First of all, you need to find a tube pipe, and you can cut it in any size according to the requirements of your Lawn tractor.
  2. Secondly, after cutting the tube pipe, attach the ball with the tube pipe. However, there are many ways of attaching the ball, but welding is the best solution.
  3. When you see that the ball is attacked perfectly and strongly with the pipe, then it’s time to weld the ball with your lawn mower.

Important guidelines to follow:

  • For adopting the safety measures, you must wear goggles and hand gloves to save yourself from any accident.
  • In addition, you must be extra careful while you are putting the ball on a riding lawn mower. Follow all the steps rightly and avoid the wrong steps. So, complete the operating process carefully.


Although it is not difficult to put the ball hitch on the lawn tractor, you must follow all the steps rightly. In this manner, you can keep yourself safe from any injury. For saving your budget, collect all the necessary things and complete them at your home.

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