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How to Make a Riding Lawn Mower Go Faster (Speed 30 to 40 MPH)

Are you willing to make your mower work faster, just like 20 to 30 MPH? If yes, you are at the right place because all the ways to fasten your lawnmowers are available in this article. However, all you have to do is to use them properly. In this manner, we are sure that this handy guide will surely help you to speed up your mower.

As you know that cutting grass and weeds is a challenging task, but a lawnmower makes it simpler. If the mower begins to work slowly, and you want to make it faster, you don’t need to worry about it anymore. Primarily, all these hacks are not straightforward, and you must be careful while adopting these ways.

How to Make a Riding Lawn Mower Go Faster

How to Speed Up Your Riding Lawn Mower:

The oil of the engine:

First of all, the most important thing that you need to keep in your mind is that you must treat your lawnmowers in a better way. That’s why you must take care of the engine properly, just like you care for your car’s engine. Thereby, if you want to allow the seamless rotation of your lawnmower, then make sure that you change the oil regularly.

Shopping for the right engine oil takes some time because lawnmowers don’t pick the new oil suddenly. Moreover, you can also concern with the company first because many oils can damage your lawnmower’s engine.

Install larger wheels:

In case you feel that your lawnmower is not cutting the grass properly, then you can assume the problem of the wheels. In addition, the mowers with small wheels are not suitable to but the overgrown grass of the lawn. Thereby, replacing your mower’s smaller wheels with larger ones is beneficial.

By doing this, you will surely feel a noticeable increase in the cutting speed of the machine. Above all, you will also enjoy the satisfactory results of the system. On the contrary, there is also one downside of the larger wheels. Here, the negative point is that larger wheels cause the potential loss in the torque of the mower.

Replacement of blades:

Undoubtedly, it is one of the most beneficial hacks that increase the cutting speed of the lawnmower. Over time, the blades become dull and lose their potential. As a result, the old blades affect the performance of the system and make it slower.

At that time, all you have to do is replace the blades of your machine and fix the new ones. In case if you don’t have a budget to replace the blades, you must sharpen them properly to maintain the overall balance of the system.

Engine pulley:

According to our analysis, the main problem that causes the slower speed of the machine is the engine pulley. As you know, these lawnmowers always come with belt systems to increase working speed, but these belts lose over time. So, it’s a great idea to fix these belts and change the size engine pulley.

You cannot use this on such systems if the lawnmower has two engine pulleys. Here, the reason is that the first pulley of the machine is connected to the engine, and the second one is placed behind the system. You must change the size of both engine pulleys in such mowers.

Air Filter of the mower:

Here, you must check the machine’s air filter, whether it is working properly or not. If a system has an air filter with a clog, it has the major hurdle in its speed. Thereby, if you also notice any clog in the filter, then you must replace it as soon as possible.

On the contrary, if the filter is dirty, try to clean it properly and remove all the dust. Pressingly, it is effortless to find the air filter because the filter is placed just on the left side of the system’s engine. Thereby, try to clean it properly before buying a new one.

Final Verdict:

Pressingly, these are some of the major backs that will surely help you increase your mower’s cutting speed from 20 to 30 MPH. In addition, these ways work properly if you apply them rightly. Besides these hacks, you must take care of the maintenance of the machine. Here, good maintenance increases the life span of the mowers.

There is probably an instruction guide with each mower in which important instructions are available for you. If you are unsure about the instruction guide, these hacks with complete explanations are sufficient for you.

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