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Ryobi 13 Inches Lawn Mower Review: Should You Buy it?

Ryobi 13 Inches Lawn Mower Review

Do you want to put your hands on a lawnmower that is easy to assemble and lightweight? If yes, then we think that you are at the exact place where you need to be. Here, we are talking about Ryobi 13 inches lawn mower. Mainly, this mower is a great companion in your emergency times. As you know, mowers take some time to operate, and you have to wait until the operating process begins. But it would help if you were thankful to Ryobi company for manufacturing this electric mower which saves your time and effort. Besides this, the mower is environmentally friendly, and you don’t need to maintain it as you have to do with gas mowers. In this way, it offers peace of mind to the homeowners.

Here, the significant upsides and downsides of this lawn mower are:

Ryobi 13 Inches Lawn Mower Review


  • Power type of the system: Cored Electric.
  • Overall Deck size: 13 inches.
  • Adjustments of cutting heights: 1 to 2.5 inches.
  • Overall weight: 26.8 lbs.
  • Functionalities: Mowing and bagging.
  • System Amps: 11.
  • Battery Type: 4 Ah battery.


  • The height of the handle is adjustable with the push of one button only.
  • No need for oil and gas to operate.
  • Comes with a warranty of 3 years.
  • The push mower is brushless.
  • The blades are sharp enough to cut the tough grass of your lawn.
  • The mower has a high intensity LED headlight.
  • It comes with a grass catcher for storing the cutting grass.
  • The size of the grass catcher is enough that it prevents the grass from discharging.
  • Comes with a height adjustment lever.
  • Portable and lightweight.
  • Easy to store.


  • You can’t operate this lawnmower under wet conditions.
  • In some cases, overreaching results in losing the balance of the system.
  • If the blades are unbalanced, then they can damage the powerful motor.
Overall Functionality of Ryobi 13 Inches Lawn Mower

Overall Functionality of Ryobi 13 Inche Lawn Mower:

  • Easy to assemble:

The first exciting thing about this lawn mower is that it is effortless to assemble. All you have to do is take the mower out of the packing box and connect the captive bolts with the machine handle to operate it properly. On the contrary, had mowers require a lot of effort and you also have to take care of cleaning them, but this mower is made for providing you comfort.

  • Adjustable Handle:

Since the handle height is adjustable, it does not matter what your height is because you can adjust it with one button. However, the handle will automatically start to move up and down. So, you have to stop pushing the button to the point where you want to adjust it. In this sense, this feature wins the heart of the users. Thereby, you can easily raise or lower the height of the handle effortlessly.

  • Battery Life:

While talking about the battery life of this lawnmower, we come to know that the battery life of this lawnmower is mower is sufficient for mowing small lawns of your home weekly. In case if you have a large lawn, you may have to charge the battery 2 to 3 times for perfect cutting. However, the battery that comes with this lawnmower has a range of 4 Ah. In this way, you must make sure that you charged the battery ultimately before using it. Otherwise, the system will stop while you are mowing the lawn.

  • Portable and lightweight:

The best thing about this lawn mower is that it is very portable and lightweight. Thereby, the small size of this lawnmower offers excellent benefits in handling the system while you are cutting the grass. However, the overall weight of this lawnmower is almost 27 Lbs which is not much heavy to handle. On the contrary, when you are cutting the grass of your house or landscape, it is perfect to use compared to the full-sized ones. However, the mower is not suitable for trimming the grass.

Bottom Line:

In case if you think that your full-sized lawnmower is creating any trouble while mowing, then there is no better option for you than Ryobi 13 inches lawnmower. Moreover, the easy operating process and low maintenance of this mower take it to another level. Thereby, we can say that you will never regret buying this lawnmower.

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