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Ryobi 18 Volt Lawn Mower Review: Why Should You Buy?

Ryobi 18 Volt Lawn Mower

Greetings to all the garden lovers out there! Here, you are going to come across some interesting facts about the Ryobi 18V Lawn Mower. Firstly, let us first get to know the purpose of a lawnmower. A lawnmower is simply a mechanized grass cutter. Ryobi 18V Lawn Mower is an electrical and practical machine with comparatively low maintenance. For those searching for a lawnmower to cut small areas of grass, this is the best-suited option. The Ryobi 18V Lawn Mower is quite suitable for regular mowing.

Ryobi 18 Volt Lawn Mower Features


  • Brushless Motor: One of the best things that come with this lawnmower is the brushless motor. It combines modern electronics and very high-quality Lithium-ion batteries.
  • System Compatibility: This lawnmower contains excellent system compatibility.
  • Cordless Feature: It is a cordless mower. Therefore, it leaves behind the need for fuel. This is one of the best features Ryobi 18V Lawn Mower possesses.
  • Push Button Start: It readily gets started without the hassle of gas with just a push of the start button.
  • Easy Lift Bag Removal: The Ryobi 18 Volt Lawn Mower now becomes easy to quickly and conveniently remove clippings.
  • 2-in-1 Mulching or Bagging: One of its very extraordinary characteristics is the 2-in-1 Mulching. This provides the buyer options for how to unload the clippings.
  • Single Point Height Adjustment: Its height can be efficiently adjusted with the help of the advanced feature it has, known as single-point height adjustment.
  • Interchangeable Batteries: One fact we love about the Ryobi 18 Volt Lawn Mower is the feature of interchangeable batteries with all the other one plus tools.

Additional Details:

  • Recommended Yard Size: This lawn mower is quite suitable for small grassy lands. The recommended yard size is up to ¼ Acre.
  • Mowing Functions: Its efficient mowing functions include Mulching and bagging.
  • Deck Height Adjustments: This lawnmower allows you to adjust the deck height to the required length up to 7 different positions. This makes it easier for the user to cut grass.
  • Battery: The battery information includes the 18ONE + 4.0 Ah batteries.
  • Weight: Its weight is approximately 34.4 lbs.
  • Deck Size: The Ryobi 18V lawnmower has a deck size of 16″.
  • Cutting Height: As it allows the user the adjust the mower height according to the requirements, the cutting size varies from 1.5″ – 4″.


  • No more worries about the lawnmowers not working as Ryobi provides a three-year limited warranty on all of its products, including the lawnmowers.
  • Allows easy grass cutting with the feature of height adjustment to change the measure of the cut length.
  • It is lightly weighted, which makes it easy to utilize and transport.
  • It has excellent mulching abilities.
  • One thing that adds another plus point to this lawn mower’s score is the user-friendly interface it introduces.
  • This lawnmower is excellent in terms of the cut quality.
  • It has the potential to preserve turf health.
  • It is very maneuverable and provides excellent mowing results.


  • It does not have sufficient power required to cut thick, heavy, and wet grass.
  • It automatically shuts down if under strain.
  • 1 VDC battery is not enough to operate this mower.
  • The batteries take a lot of time to get charged yet, sometimes create severe issues.
  • It’s a short window of operation, and sometimes, it does not run for even 40 minutes, as has been claimed by Ryobi.
Ryobi 18 Volt Lawn Mower buyer guide

For Buyer:

As stated above, this mower is excellent for users with a small area of grass to maintain, but this lawnmower is not suitable for those with large areas of grass to cut. Undoubtedly, electric mowers have been gaining popularity over the last few years, and this cordless, eco-friendly lawnmower is the option to select. Just make sure that this electric lawnmower has a durability time just like other machines, so as long as you are using it according to its durability, it will work wonders!


 If you want an electric mower at a great price, the Ryobi 18V Lawn Mower is the option to choose from. This trustworthy, popular mower works similarly to other competent self-propelled mowers and distinguishes itself by being kept upright, conserving important storage space. This is a popular, dependable mower with very positive feedback. It distinguishes itself from other qualified machines as it can be easily folded up, stored upright, and provides rechargeable batteries. Happy Mowing!

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