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What Animals Eat Lavender Plants?

What Animals Eat Lavender Plants

Various species all around the world have their own sorts of food to keep them healthy and alive. There are things that might be a sort of some use or fashion for one being and can be the main source of diet for the other.

This can be known as the whole cycle of feeding in all beings that have been carried upon since the beginning of time. Talking about animals particularly, there is a variety of food present in numerous forms for them.

Some feed on flesh, some on plants. In this article, we will be discussing the specific category of animals that rely upon a certain type of plant and why they do so, and what is the importance of that plant.

Any wild guesses? Well, we are elaborating on the Lavender plant.

Lavender Plants:

We might have seen lavender plants in real as they do exist in various areas of the world and direct the audience towards their beauty because of their purple color flowers and green or greyish foliage.

Lavender Plants

These plants are popular among humans and animals both. Have you ever noticed the perfumes or body washes disposing of their lavender specialty? If yes! Then you are getting it in the right direction; they all come from the lavender plants.

It began growing, starting with India and moving to southern Europe and the Mediterranean region of Africa. It is often referred to as the Lavandula. You might be surprised to know that this plant beholds a festival in Washington apart from the dozens of books that are written about its benefits and uses.

Profound uses of Lavender plants:

  • This plant is used in medicine.
  • It helps in making several fragrances.
  • It is further applicable in bathing.
  • It smells, improves sleep patterns, and encourages relaxation.
  • It helps in itchiness caused due to any insect biting.
  • You can also use its essence in herbal teas, cookies, crafts, etc.
  • It provides antibacterial support for wounds.

Animals that eat Lavender plants:

Despite their benefits to humans, wildlife, especially pollinators, are much attracted to these plants, and this plant offers them sweetness and several useful oils.

There are numerous animals who are interested in getting their tongues to taste these beautiful flowers. There are also some of these animals who eat these plants because it is the only source of their hunger. Let’s learn more about them in detail below:



Goats are often seen moving for the greenish part of the plants, but they tend to taste several plants and search for the best in nature for them.

This plant can help in ensuring strength in the immune system of the goats and mildly affect them. You can serve them with the dry form of lavender plants with other such plants as hay.


Rabbits being the cutest themselves, are also prone to the beauty of the Lavender plants, but they will be more interested in the green and the bud part of the flower.


You can give them with other leaves of other veggies or plants to enhance their taste overall. They are not so many lovers of Lavender, and you need to monitor them after they eat it.



As squirrels and others of their kind might not go near the plants that have some sort of smell, especially Lavender, a great form of scent. However, they might not hesitate to eat them if they are hungry.

They may also eat them to link them to other food sources present in the garden near the Lavender plant.



These can destroy the Lavender plants and eat them in great amounts if all their other sources and joys of food are not present near them. Thus, you can say goodbye to your plants in some span of days.

Bearded Dragon:

Bearded Dragon

This animal can survive on other animals and plants as well, but it will not think before getting close to your Lavender plants if they want a change of taste.



How can we forget about the pollinator or bees, which is directed immensely towards the sweet nectar by all means? Bees can go for Lavandula Angustifolia, which are large cultivars of this plant available and they are much attracted to them.

Other animals:

There are also butterflies, ladybugs, hedgehogs, hummingbirds, moths, and even caterpillars that will like to eat your Lavender plants.


The Lavender plant is a herbaceous form of the plant that has its own strong smell with useful properties that attract the attention of both humans and wildlife around it.

You can think of it in your mind as being beautiful with its purple-colored flowers and blooming in the wind in your garden. However, it is eaten by different animals. You can learn more about these animals in detail in the article above.

Mostly these plants are used where you want to set a flower exhibition or in your personal bathing etc. However, it depends upon your liking and the characteristics of this plant apart from benefiting us with amazing advantages.


Which animal is not likely to eat the Lavender plant?

Deer are not much into the Lavender essence as this is a sort of plant resistance for them. They will only take a bite if they are very hungry with no choice, but in that case, it will also be in a very less amount.

How can you protect your Lavender plants from animals?

You need to be cautious while growing Lavender plants as pollinators are most likely to attack them. So, you must select a good location and use a particular sort of animal repellent for the category of animal you are afraid of.

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